Quinn Evans Architects’ Principal Brenda Williams, ASLA was recently featured in a full spread article by Landscape Architecture Magazine.

“Ears to the Ground”, written by Timothy A. Schuler, highlights the Iowa Blood Run Cultural Landscape Master Plan, a project led by Williams off the firm’s Madison, Wisconsin office.  

Three hundred years ago, Blood Run was a hub of the Great Plains. The landscape architect Brenda Williams is helping guide the tribal efforts to protect what’s left, mostly by Listening

Timothy A. Schuler 
Landscape Architecture Magazine

A photo of a group of people in the back of a truck looking at the surrounding landscape.
A photo of a landscape with grass, trees, and hills.

The process for the Iowa Blood Run master plan sought to emphasize extensive public, tribal, and stakeholder involvement to develop a comprehensive Cultural Landscape Master Plan with carefully crafted vision, goals, interpretive themes, and recommendations for future development and use of the new Iowa State Park. The place, called “Xe,” by members of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska, is comprised of 3,880 acres and is “associated with what archeologists call the Oneota cultural tradition […]”. 
According to a press release published by Quinn Evans Architects, Brenda Williams was also recently promoted to Director of Preservation Planning. William’s dedication to historic preservation and landscape architecture bring long-term value to historic sites, enhancing visitor experience while preserving the cultural and historic context of these landmarks.