Quinn Evans Sponsors the Creation of the New CARE Carbon Estimating Tool

Lorynn Holloway
February 17, 2023
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As part of Quinn Evan’s commitment to reduce the impact of carbon in the built environment, Quinn Evans is a proud sponsor of the recently released Carbon Avoided: Retrofit Estimator (CARE) Tool. The CARE Tool is a simple, easy-to-use tool that compares embodied and operating carbon variables over different timeframes for existing building reuse versus replacement. It can be used by policymakers, planners, building owners, developers, heritage building officers, architects, and others interested in a pre- or early-design, high-level assessment of the total carbon emissions of building reuse versus replacement and targets for operation emission reductions.

This newly released tool by Architecture 2030, streamlines and simplifies early whole building carbon estimates that previously were done in excel or didn’t capture the whole picture of avoided carbon from building reuse, operating, and embodied carbon. Quinn Evans has long championed existing buildings as the most important sustainable strategy. This tool helps back this up with metrics and clarifies important targets and tipping points for energy and operational emissions.

Read more at Architecture 2030.

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