Transformation of Industrial Hall at VUU Featured in Richmond BizSense

Lorynn Holloway
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The transformative restoration of historic Industrial Hall at Virginia Union University is featured in a new Richmond BizSense article.

The transformative restoration and renovation of historic Industrial Hall at Virginia Union University (VUU) is featured in the Richmond BizSense article, “Project Snapshot: Restoration propping up once-sagging VUU building.” The collaborative effort, led by Quinn Evans as project architect and landscape architect, includes Sadler & Whitehead, Taylor & Parrish Construction, Dunbar, VHB, and Inversity Consulting Engineers.

Built in 1899, Industrial Hall has served various purposes over its 120-year history, including use as a trade-skills shop, classrooms, a library, and storage. However, due to years of non-use and exposure to the elements, the building suffered structural damage. Our initial phase, which began in 2018, focused on stabilizing and shoring up the structure, ensuring a solid foundation for the restoration.

Industrial Hall holds a significant place in VUU's history as one of the original eight buildings on campus. It is also located within the VUU Historic District and is listed as a contributing structure, making the restoration project eligible for state historic rehab tax credits. This recognition further emphasizes the importance of preserving this architectural gem for future generations.

The restoration process showcases the attention to detail and commitment to preserving the building's historic integrity and significance. Many of the existing original materials such as windows, doors, and wood flooring have been salvaged and will be thoughtfully incorporated into the renovated design, creating a harmonious blend of the past and present. The reimagined building will be The Center for African American History and Culture, used to display the University’s art collection and will serve as a space for learning, sharing, and creating.

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