A Library for All Seasons

Glen Lake Community Library

Glen Lake Community Library

Empire, Michigan

Located in a lakeside town that experiences an influx of summer visitors, this library is designed to engage patrons year-round. Our renovation and expansion of the existing library is inspired by the cyclical qualities of light and shadow at a northern latitude – throughout a day, a season, a year.

Our design explores light as both a seasonal phenomenon and a metaphor for knowledge. We conceived the building as a lantern during the long winter nights, beckoning patrons inside. A fireplace and new community room invite them to linger. In the summer, patrons are pulled outdoors by a front plaza and rear program lawn.

The library’s form echoes its residential neighborhood, while modern detailing, large windows, and a prominent entry distinguish it as a civic building.

The space looks and feels like an entirely new library. We have expanded seating and program capacity with lots of room for collections, media, people, and activities.

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