Small Projects, Big Impact

Henley Middle School

Henley Middle School

Crozet, Virginia

Targeted renovations and modest additions have helped thismiddle school embed life skills into the school day. The building wasn’t functioningas a 21-century learning environment, but a wholesale renovationwas not feasible. We worked with stakeholders to identify small projects thatwould have large impacts.

We relocated administrative offices from the center of the school to an entry addition, allowing staff to better monitor students and visitors. The former administrative space and two outdated science labs have been transformed into multidisciplinary collaboration spaces. The “Fit for Life Center” addition helps students build healthy habits. The result of these discrete projects is a building that supports students’ social and physical growth as well as academic excellence.

Quinn Evans prioritized gathering input from our staff, demonstrating an excellent understanding of the sometimes conflicting desires of our many invested parties.
A photo of people walking outside a school office.

Improving Security

The entry addition creates a transparent security vestibule and reception area, giving staff a panoramic view of the entry, parking lot, and drop-off areas. When classes are in session, the vestibule funnels visitors directly into the reception area.

A photo of students in a classroom.

Learning Labs

Carved out of previously underutilized spaces, the new Learning Labs provide flexible spaces for collaborative projects. A variety of furnishings allows learners to create their own working environment. Breakout spaces accommodate smaller groups.

A photo of students in a gym class.

The Fit for Life Center

Engaged to build an auxiliary gym, we quickly realized that the space could be so much more. The technology-rich Fit for Life Center, as it is now called, is composed of a series of smaller spaces that support physical education, team sports training, lifetime fitness activities, and movement science.

A photo of students in a classroom.

Healthy Spaces

We strive to promote health and wellness in all our projects, no matter the size. We punctuated the additions with large windows that provide ample daylight and views of the outdoors. Furniture and finishes were selected with their environmental impact in mind.

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