Dorothy I Height Elementary School
Baltimore, Maryland

Providing social equity and a beacon of hope for the neighborhood, our team worked with parents, teachers, and the public to transform this inner-city school into a vibrant community hub. Our design provided modern, flexible instructional and support spaces for the school and a connection to vital services and social opportunities for the community. Featuring food and clothing pantries, a laundry, recreation and parks center, and the State-funded Judy Center, the reimagined school provides vital services for under-served children and families. A renovated auditorium welcomes students and the community into a professional performance space with new theatrical lighting and sound systems, sloped seating, and acoustic panels. Inspired outside spaces—a paved public square, outdoor classroom and open play field—connect with an existing public park and playground to further connect students and residents to nature and the community.

The Solution


  • Social Equity Design Award, American Institute of Architects, Baltimore
  • AmericanSchool & University Magazine, Outstanding Design in Interior Renovation
  • LEED Gold
“Their team went above and beyond to demonstrate a deep understanding of what is important to our school community and was thoughtful and thorough in their work with us.”
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Project Team

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