Seal and Sea Lion Exhibit and Life Support Building
Washington, DC
National Zoological Park

The Seal and Sea Lion exhibit evokes the coastal environment of the Pacific Northwest. Working closely with the National Zoological Park, our team created a natural and sustainable habitat for these fascinating aquatic creatures. The expanded and renovated exhibit welcomes visitors of all ages and abilities, creating an exciting and immersive experience for all. Introducing the animals’ native Pacific Northwest natural and cultural vocabulary, we integrated local, site-specific traditions and materials into the exhibit to protect the rugged grandeur of its sloping valley. A variety of viewing opportunities allow visitors to come face-to-face with playful animals as well as watch animals from afar in their freshwater and saltwater habitat.

The Solution



  • Built by Women Award, Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation
  • Presidential Citation for Universal Design, American Institute of Architects | DC
“We tried to create a little piece of the West Coast. You might think you’re in Oregon.”
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