Terrace Theater
Washington, DC
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

One of the Kennedy Center’s busiest venues, the Terrace Theater serves as the principal home for chamber music and features excellent acoustics. Drawing from our previous renovation projects at the Center, we completely reconfigured the theater, providing improved accessibility and updating technologies to support a broader range of programming and improve the overall theater experience for patrons. Inserting a lower level lobby and upgrading the theater’s lighting and sound systems transformed the interior into a vibrant and versatile space. The Terrace Theater now boasts a warm and more intimate environment for patrons to enjoy a variety of music, dance, film, and lectures for years to come.

The Solution


  • RetrofitMagazine, Metamorphosis Award, Interior Category
  • WBC,Craftsmanship Award for Special Construction
“Where the audience was once greeted by a boxy, unexceptional space…there now stands a gorgeous concert venue clad in stacks of richly hued, curved wood panels…There’s a newly minted feeling of warmth and comfort, and of expanded size and sweep…”
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