Varina Library
Henrico, Virginia

Inspired by the community, our team created a dynamic learning hub that celebrates and reflects the unique, local culture and history of the Varina district. We borrowed materials and the form of a tobacco barn, to create a series of three pavilions that emerges from and cascades down the site toward a protected wetland. Natural light bathes the interior of the library throughout the day as the end of each pavilion is enclosed by expansive glass walls that maximize patrons' views and provide a connection to the landscape. Supporting the patrons’ diverse study and work needs, we incorporated a variety of learning spaces equipped with movable and adaptable furniture for patrons working independently or collaboratively.

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The Solution



  • American Institute of Architects
  • American Library Association, Library Building Award
“We aim to anticipate and respond to the needs of a diverse community and improve the quality of individual and community life for everyone.”
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